We’re bringing the ingredients for industry-wide change.

We’re solving some of the largest problems in food and hospitality and providing sustainable opportunities for aspiring food entrepreneurs around the world – making their stories and dishes available within their communities.

Failure Rate

One in three restaurants fail in their first year. Tre’dish acts as a launchpad for testing creative menus, validating demand in new areas, bringing diverse cultures into communities and scaling with minimal overhead.

Low Wages

Zero-hours contracts and low wages have become the norm for millions. Our platform puts food creators in control of their income, rewarding the people behind the food and creating entrepreneurial opportunities.

Food Inflation

In 2022, the cost of food increased by around 10%. Our demand products give certainty around pre-orders, allowing business owners to only shop for what they need – reducing food waste and upfront costs.

Mental Health

Stressful work conditions and long hours put food industry workers at greater risk for depression, substance abuse and anxiety. Tre’dish gives people the freedom to set their own hours – and their own boundaries.

Labour Shortages

Food service companies employing nearly 300,000 Canadians reported vacancies of over 20%, even before absences due to COVID-19. The pandemic compounded a crisis of early retirement, a shortage of skilled tradespeople and workers leaving and not returning.

Waste & Decarbonization

58% of food produced in Canada ends up lost or wasted every year, costing the economy billions. Food production systems are linked to a third of global gas emissions. The food industry’s impact on Canada’s environmental and resource objectives can’t be understated.

Food Insecurity

Approximately 40m North Americans live in food-insecure households with inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints. Food insecurity is creating growing issues in hunger, poverty, and is a strong social determinant of many major health outcomes.

Health & Nutrition

The links between diets and high rates of obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and chronic diseases are alarming. We face a malnutrition crisis in North America – obesity rates amongst children are the highest globally. Access to affordable nutrition is the answer.

Diversity in Leadership

Despite being 61% of the total workforce, women hold only 12% of leadership positions. Black employees have lost their share of work in hospitality and remain vastly under-represented in leadership. Minorities have the opportunity to win the future of hospitality.
We’re here to help food creators find another way. One that’s empowering, rewarding and brings back the love.