Tonia Wilson


I began working as a chef years ago, first in restaurants and then as the Head Chef at Canadian Embassies in Rome and Brussels. Both of these iconic cities allowed me to further delve into the worlds of wine and beer; and were the perfect home base for extensive travels through some of Europe's most important wine and beer product regions.

I received my wine sommelier certification while living in Italy and my beer sommelier certification upon returning to Canada. Eventually, I began teaching and writing about both subjects, often within the context of food pairing. I love to talk about the intricate relationship food has with beer and wine and how their relationship can elevate any meal. I have written for many publications about this topic and eventually penned my beer pairing cookbook Beer At My table. (Whitecap Books)

Most of my time is now spent doing on-line and in-person tastings for corporate and private groups and I pride myself on giving loads of useful information while keeping events fun and informal.

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