Böld Lemonaide

Freshly made with natural ingredients and no preservatives

Nacile and Keifer Sharpe are a husband and wife super team who are making BOLD moves and revolutionizing the lemonade industry. Their ginger lemonade has served thousands across Canada and will subsequently be serving thousands more in the US. Nacile has a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Nutrition Science and is famously know as “the chemist”. Thriving on integrity and creativity, she pours her heart into the flavorful lemonade blends the company currently makes. Keifer has been instrumental in the management and development of multiple businesses for almost two decades. He possesses an unmatched drive for sales and entrepreneurship. His tenacity actually thrusted Böld Quality Lemonaide into what it is today. This Toronto couple is passionate about family, community service and sharing their knowledge with others.

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