Supreme Burgers

Home of the most delicious smash burgers in the city!

Chef Hudson Bernard has been cooking up a storm since a young age. With a passion for culinary arts that began in childhood, he has taken his love for food and transformed it into a successful career. Hudson pursued his culinary dreams by attending three prestigious culinary schools, including George Brown College in Toronto, ITHQ in Montreal, and L’Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. These experiences have helped shape his culinary style and expertise, making him a force to be reckoned with. Hudson has worked across kitchens globally, working with Michelin-star chefs and world class restaurants. What sets him apart is not just his impressive resume, but his fluency in English and Tamil, and intermediate proficiency in French, Spanish, and Singhalese. This has allowed him to expand his culinary knowledge and draw inspiration from various cultures and cuisines, making his dishes truly unique.

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