Made in their home enjoyed in yours

We’re opening up the best home kitchens, so you can experience authentic dishes made with skill in people’s homes.

Peter is craving
jerk chicken
Aleya is craving
Korean BBQ
Sarah is craving
butter chicken
Gabriella is craving
margherita pizza
Niran is craving
fish and chips

Freshly prepared by people who know how to cook from the heart.

Every Chef has a story, a personal reason that makes them step into the kitchen. Sometimes it’s a family recipe they’re keeping alive, other times a connection to their culture, and often it’s a way of funding their life goals.

Find the person who makes it best

From bao buns to burger buns, paella to pizza, tacos to Thai – discover a fresh take on the classics and discover new favourites. Dishes are cooked in small batches and taste unique every time. Find the person in your neighbourhood that makes it like nobody else.

A unique experience for nights in

We love restaurants. There’s no substitute for the social experience and memories from taking a seat in a decent establishment. Tre’dish supports this culture by allowing Home Chefs to prove their skills, build an audience and graduate to pro kitchens – or even open their own.

People who love cooking love their kitchen

If a kitchen is good enough for their family, we help to make sure it’s good enough for yours. Tre’dish kitchens are cleaned to professional standards. The only difference is, it’s not just a place of work – it’s somebody’s home.

Get involved in
a new food scene

We’re bringing the food-sharing economy to homes around the world.

Find your favorite

Search for home chefs in your area, listen to their story and check out their signature dishes.

See what’s cooking

See what they’re cooking, place your order, and enjoy!

Support their kitchen

Your orders help them reach their goals – whether it’s earning a side income, building their profile or opening their own restaurant.

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