Make money doing what you love

Join a new generation of empowered home chefs who are turning their kitchens into a profitable business.

Switch on your playlist and fire up the oven.

We’re creating opportunities for people who know their way around a kitchen. Make a steady income and a name for yourself in the local community – all from the comfort of your own home.

Become a Home Chef

Find your fans and
become a culinary star.

Tre’dish is here to make you shine. Raise your profile, build your audience and tap into a steady source of income. We’ll support you with awesome photography, authentic storytelling and a line of people who are hungry to become your customers.

We’re bringing
transparency to food prep.

Our platform provides a virtual window into your kitchen and gives customers confidence in your abilities, leaving you free to enjoy cooking. You’ll get food and safety training and a daily check-list for opening and closing your kitchen to make sure you’re compliant with food handling standards.

Freedom to choose
your hours and lifestyle.

Flexible work hours and zero commute make this a perfect opportunity for experienced chefs who always dreamed of working from their own kitchen. It’s also a great opportunity for parents, students, young entrepreneurs and anyone who loves to cook. It can be as easy as doubling up on family meals or you can dedicate hours to perfecting new recipe ideas.

Say hello to
your new career.

If you’re a culinary expert or have one amazing recipe, there’s nothing holding you back.

Chef Samantha Medeiros

Chef Shane Gannon

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