Build a career doing what
you love.

Join a new generation of food entrepreneurs who are using Tre’dish to create successful food businesses on their terms.

Technology to manage your time & profits A suite of ‘behind the scenes’ tools and resources to run a lean and profitable business. Everything from finances and planning to building your personal brand.
Opportunities that open new doors Access new revenue opportunities and unlock networks of customers, communities and commercial partners. We’ll make the intros – you take the next step.
Marketing that puts you in the spotlight We invest in you by creating stunning collateral and elevating your story and food with professional food photography, videography, and marketing support.
Support from a team who ‘gets it’ We’ve got your back. You’ll have hands-on support from an experienced team to help you reach your goals – including guidance from our in-house culinary leaders.
…and that’s just for starters.
$0/month 8% commission + payment processing fees* Start Cooking
  • Personalised e-commerce website
  • Accept your first order in under 15 minutes
  • Health & Safety tools
  • Fast payouts and clear finances
  • Human support from experienced industry experts
  • Access to existing Tre’dish customers
  • Opportunities to join Marketplaces & Buying groups**
* Payment processing fees are commission-free and passed through from our payment provider at 2.9% + $0.30 ** Marketplaces and buying groups are available in limited regions around North America.

Switch on your playlist and fire up the oven.

Chuck Adkins
Sushi Master
“I had left the industry to teach yoga. I was exhausted and saw no other options. Tre’dish made it possible for me to come back on my terms.”
Rebecca Ramirez
Home Baker
“We found new customers and figured out how to serve them efficiently – I’ve been growing my business, while finding more time with my family”
Ankit Bhasiin
Culinary Entrepreneur
“I’ve had success as a food entrepreneur but its time to scale – Tre’dish is growing my enterprise and corporate clientele and putting my brand in front of some of Canada’s largest companies”
Shane Gannon
Executive Chef
“I always felt stuck in the box of traditional hospitality – Tre’dish has given me a platform to create the amazing food experiences I’ve always wanted to.”
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