Uniting communities
through the
sharing economy.

We believe sharing food is a powerful gesture that goes beyond a simple transaction. When we share recipes and cooking, we’re sharing a part of ourselves, our culture and our influences.

We’re creating
new opportunities
for a world
that’s changing

The restaurant industry and small business owners have been hard-hit by the pandemic. Recent reports indicate that over 120,000 of restaurants in the U.S and Canada are currently closed due to government restrictions and a decline in orders.

In these tough times, what most people really want is the opportunity to provide for themselves. Tre’dish is creating a home-to-home (h2h) platform that gives people a chance to put their skills to good use from the safety of their own home – allowing them to balance childcare and family responsibilities, and take control of their future.

The reason
we started Tre’dish

(It’s not only because we love cooking)

It’s because we know that life can be an uphill struggle. Unless you have the right start or opportunities are provided to you, it can be hard to get a foothold.


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